Picking the Right Style of Roof for your Home

Picking the right type of roof to go over your house will enhance your overall design and concept. Calgary roofing companies offer an array of roofing materials and styles to help you achieve that perfect home you’ve been visualizing all your life.

There are many types of roofs to fit different styles of houses. Your selection and preference should be based on the construction design and structure of your house. Calgary roofing companies can provide you with different types and styles to fit your home’s requirements and needs.

Different Types of Roof

  • Pyramid – This type of roof is shaped, as the name suggests, like a pyramid. This style is usually constructed on small structures like a pool house or garage.
  • Flat – This is very easy to spot and identify. A flat roof is easier to build compared to other types of roof. It’s more accessible and safer if you climb up the roof. However, this kind of shape requires more care and maintenance because once debris and other particles get stuck together on a flat roof, they just literally remain in place. You really need to get on the roof and sweep it.
  • Mansard – This kind of roof has four slopes with two on each side of the house. The design of this roof is taken from French architecture and structure which entails additional storage or space on top of the house like an attic.
  • Saltbox – This type of roof looks unique and interesting. It is built with an asymmetrical roof designed with one side that’s short while the other side is long. It is a cool, stylish and innovative design that is suitable for modern homes.
  • Gambrel – It is similar to the Mansard roof but is inspired by Dutch design. What makes this different from the Mansard is that it has a vertical edge which hangs over the façade of the house.
  • Hip roof – This is comparable to the pyramid. However, their difference is evident in the design of the tip. The top of the hip roof has four sides that meet at a range. This is more practical compared to the pyramid.
  • Cross Gabled – There are different types of this style including roofs that appear like triangles from the exterior. There are some designs that have cross gabled roofs per section of the house. This looks like mini triangles all over the house.
  • Bonnet – This is akin to the pyramid or hip roof. However, what sets the bonnet roof apart from both is the sloping of the roof. The slopes are designed at a certain angle to cover a veranda or porch.
  • Skillion – This is a single sloped roof design. It appears like a cross between a half of a triangular and flat roof. It has a slight inclination used on a specific portion of a house. A lot of modern houses use this kind of roofing design in order to create various architectural patterns and shapes.
  • Arched Roof – This style is usually used on a particular area of the house to provide a nice aesthetic design.

When choosing the right style of roof, you can consult your design preference with roofing companies so they can advise you on what suits your home best.