Whether as individuals or collectively, we are seeking more and more for ways to avoid waste and consume in a responsible manner.

Boomerang products are made from unused portions of recovered domestic paint and stain remains. In order to guarantee the quality of Boomerang products, about 1% of new material is added to the remains, providing adequate and consistent luster levels, viscosity and drying time

The values its form and ecological role and as intended as a narrative on regionalism, sustainable design, and contemporary building practices. The goal is to create a healthy, life-enhancing home in a modern, clean, and uncluttered composition.  We are aiming for a carbon neutral home, devoid of fossil fuels and their associated emissions.

The green design philosophy is ‘net-zero’. Minimizing the ecological footprint in an attempt to create an ecologically benign home is our goal. The project deploys both passive and active green design strategies and green materials in creative and energy efficient ways in pursuit of a rigorous LEED gold certification.

The building is designed to generate its own energy from renewable sources, harvest rain water, manage its own waste, and promote occupant health and well being. A living wall and water feature in the courtyard create a self-sustaining interior ecosystem.

The courtyard roof is orientated to harvest solar energy from the south and south-west. The highpoint faces north-east to minimize heat gains and glare while maximizing consistent north light for daylighting in the courtyard.