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The relationship between architecture and human health has been radically altered by modern technology


The R-House work is intended to embody our vision of sustainability and modern design at an affordable price. Our buildings will be precision made to minimize energy use, natural resources, and construction waste. Mix and match floor plans will be developed to fit a range of lot sizes and configurations. We are developing net-zero energy opportunities by considering 50% net zero, 75% net-zero, and 100% net zero options or price points for the purchasers. Setting these efficiency benchmarks will facilitate the sales and marketing to suit individual needs or desires.

Streamlined manufacturing and building processes will allow for the delivery of homes in a fraction of the time of traditional construction, reducing on-site construction time and cost.  The precision of this process means less construction waste and a tighter, stronger, and more cost effective building. Constructing the modules and panels in a climate-controlled facility helps to prevent warping, mould, and other damage caused by weather. At the construction stage, the modular structure and envelope can be assembled on a foundation in a matter of days, with little or no damage to the site or surroundings.

The Dream Home R-House incorporates modular and panelized systems to be factory-built and shipped to the site for assembly.  The precision of this process means less construction waste and a tighter, stronger, and more cost effective building. Constructing the modules and panels in a climate-controlled facility helps to prevent warping, mould, and other damage caused by weather. The panels also take less time to raise, reducing on-site construction time and cost.




This house may look traditional but it's a modular, energy-efficient, kit home.



for some homeowners, buying and in some cases assembling, a prefabricated home holds appeal.
A kit home can streamline the process of custom-building a house. While the prices aren’t bargain-basement, kit homes can cost less. Keep in mind that these homes cost more to build than just the sticker price on the kit. Buyers might have to pony up for windows, cabinets, fixtures, contractors, subcontractors and other features and services, in addition to purchasing the land where the house is located. The total cost to build the house, minus cost of land is called the turnkey price.

In the first decades of the last century, aspiring homeowners could order their house from a Sears catalog. The tradition is still alive, although not as widespread. Consumers in Sweden, Finland,Norway, Denmark, Germany and Britain can order homes from another major retailer, IKEA, whose BoKlok branch sells terraced houses and apartment buildings.
After so much expansion resulting in a glut of empty McMansions, some home buyers think kit homes could be an answer to their desire to return to simpler, more energy efficient housing —especially because today’s kit homes are often very green. What follows is a selection of prefabricated houses in a range of styles — from modern and futuristic to rustic to historic reproductions — nearly all which have energy efficient and sustainable options

To achieve our goal is to bring contemporary sustainable design to the mass market, our intention is to use the R-House concept house as the basis for developing a sustainable communities. The R-House looks to become a factor in the luxury custom home and infill markets as well as the adult lifestyle markets by considering developments in prefabrication and energy conservation.

In response, our intent is to create unique, modern, and sustainable boutique villages that offer an appealing an age-in-place lifestyle. Our approach responds to the baby boomer trend of not settling for the basics, unlike previous generations. The architecture will be cool green, presented as a modern design aesthetic with clean lines and bright interiors connected with nature.
Our business model utilizes this concept house as the basis for developing sustainable custom homes and boutique communities. We are currently engaged with South-central Ontario land developers in who are looking to construct lifestyle communities built around the r-house concept. We are currently designing a community in Simcoe County near the shores of Lake Simcoe, and expect to be marketing and selling the project in the Spring of 2012. Construction start is expected in 2013.
There are currently 10 prototypical, adaptable, and fully customizable buildings in development. These prototypes will be developed from the design and sustainable elements of the Dream Home R-House.


Whether as individuals or
collectively, we are seeking more and more for ways to avoid waste and consume
in a responsible manner.


The building is designed to generate its own energy from renewable sources, harvest rain water, manage its own waste, and promote occupant health and well being. A living wall and water feature in the courtyard create a self-sustaining interior ecosystem.

The courtyard roof is orientated to harvest solar energy from the south and south-west. The highpoint faces north-east to minimize heat gains and glare while maximizing consistent north light for daylighting in the courtyard.

Boomerang products are made from unused portions of recovered domestic paint and stain remains. In order to guarantee the quality of Boomerang products, about 1% of new material is added to the remains, providing adequate and consistent luster levels, viscosity and drying time

The R-House values its form and ecological role and as intended as a narrative on regionalism, sustainable design, and contemporary building practices. The goal is to create a healthy, life-enhancing home in a modern, clean, and uncluttered composition.  We are aiming for a carbon neutral home, devoid of fossil fuels and their associated emissions.

The green design philosophy is ‘net-zero’. Minimizing the ecological footprint in an attempt to create an ecologically benign home is our goal. The project deploys both passive and active green design strategies and green materials in creative and energy efficient ways in pursuit of a rigorous LEED gold certification.






As a national trend, contemporary design is gaining more appeal. Just pick up any residential design magazine and you’ll find feature articles focused on contemporary architecture. Drive through traditional urban neighbourhoods or country settings and you will see signs of contemporary architecture emerging.

The planning of the r-house displays everyday life in three distinct volumes: the main house, the guest house and the courtyard. In the middle of this planning logic, the central courtyard acts as a social hub and a sanctuary around which the entire house revolves. A slanted solar roof floats across the space to heighten the experience of mass and drama. Arrayed around this expansive central courtyard, quieter and compressed areas such as the kitchen, great room, bedrooms introduce spatial intimacy and a serene atmosphere. The design presents a cool green look within a language of contemporary forms. Clear decisions on heights, proportions, and massing establish a modernist vocabulary in dialogue with its surroundings. Meticulous attention to materiality and construction underpin the conceptual rigour of the design.  

Its generous fenestrations offer brightness and permeability to the spaces while opening on to a variety of outdoor experiences. The low-maintenance, simple design is softened by vegetation within and on the building. The building is designed to generate its own energy from renewable sources, harvest rain water, manage its own waste, and promote occupant health and well being. A living wall and water feature in the courtyard create a self-sustaining interior ecosystem.

One of the key elements of the design is its heavy timber structure. Normerica Authentic Timber Frame has designed and fabricated the glulam (glued laminated timber) posts and beams as well as the exterior wall panels for the Dream Home R-House and will be assisting PROBUILT by Michael Upshall in the construction of the base building. Structurlam is supplying the glulam post and beams along with cross laminated panels that will be used as interior partition walls. These panels will be finished and used as design elements, minimizing material use and adhering to the design philosophy of ‘structure as design’.

Prodema sustainable composite wood veneer and OKO skin slat-sized cement siding provided by Sound Solutions will be used for the exterior cladding and will be installed using rain-screen methodology. Folding glass walls, lift-and-slide doors, and parallel opening windows will be supplied and installed by Monarch Moveable Glass Walls and Monarch Windows.


R-Builder _ Support Team:


We have formed an integrated design team working in collaboration with few boundaries between disciplines. The process is a celebration of the creative contributions of the client, suppliers, contractors, and tradespersons.

Our Dream Team includes: Michael Upshall, Craig Crane, Robert Mitchell, Bruce Rowntree, Emmanuel Belliveau, Ron Perruzza, Keith Vanderkley, Michelle Mawby, Jacqueline Glass, Christine McGee, James Loppie.

While the Dream Home R-House is designed to educate on the holistic approach to design and a green lifestyle, the design and building process has been used as an educational tool for Humber College Design students.

With Humber College’s mission to provide a high quality ‘learn-by-doing’ environment, students enrolled in the School of Applied Technology are participating in the design, prefabrication and erection of the Dream Home R-House at the 2012 National Home Show.

The Interior Design students are also collaborating with Industrial Designstudents in the design of a display booth to showcase the industry partners collaborating in the design and construction of the Dream Home R-House. The display will be integrated with the home as part of a backyard experience. The project is being run as an internal competition with the winning design being constructed at the Home Show and the top three entries receiving cash awards from the builder.

Students will also be participating as student ambassadors for the Dream Home R-House at the National Home Show in March. They will provide guided tours of the building and provide the general public with educated viewpoints of our work.

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